Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Ph.D. Electrical Eng. & Computer Science

Yale University ‘21 (Fall ‘20 Grad) | B.S. Physics & Mathematics | GPA: 3.92

Stuyvesant High School ‘17 | Physics Lover | Unweighted GPA: 96.1

Relevant Coursework materials school
Noise, Dissipation, & Info (Graduate) Paper Yale
Quantum Info & Computation (Graduate) Paper Yale
Qiskit Global Summer School Certificate IBM
Quantum Many-Body Theory (Graduate) Guide, Letter Yale
Solid-State Physics II (Graduate) Guide Yale
Light-Matter Interactions (Graduate) Paper Yale
Thermodynamics & Stat. Mech. Yale
Optics with Applications (Graduate) Paper Yale
Quantum Mechanics I, II Guide Yale
Semiconductor Devices Guide Yale
Electromagnetic Fields & Optics Guide Yale
Advanced Physics Lab Papers Yale
Quantum & Nanoscale Physics Yale
Advanced Classical Mechanics (Graduate) Guide Yale
Quantum Information Science I Certificate MITx
Computer Science
Data Mining & Machine Learning (Graduate) Yale
Deep Learning Specialization Certificate Coursera
Sequence Models Certificate Coursera
Convolutional Neural Networks Certificate Coursera
Structuring Machine Learning Projects Certificate Coursera
Hyperparameters, Regularization & Opt. Certificate Coursera
Neural Networks & Deep Learning Certificate Coursera
Intensive Algorithms Yale
Data Structures Yale
Graphics Stuyvesant
Systems Level Programming Stuyvesant
Complex Analysis Paper Yale
Stochastic Processes (Graduate) Yale
Abstract Algebra Yale
Vector Calculus & Linear Algebra I, II Yale
Discrete Mathematics Yale
Linear Algebra (ranked top 4) Letter NYU
Differential Equations Stuyvesant
Multivariate Calculus Stuyvesant
Knots & Manifolds Columbia SHP
Game Theory Yale
Microeconomics Yale